The Revolution

The United States government spends only about 50 cents per person fighting STDs. Sex education in schools is heavily censored. Condoms are not advertised widely, are not readily available and cost too much. Friends don’t talk to each other about sexual health. Doctors don’t take sexual histories. Therefore, many STDs go undiagnosed and untreated. There are also a huge number of unwanted pregnancies and teen parents in our country.

Our society treats STDs as if they are the price we must pay for our sinful sexual behavior. Most of us feel guilty for our sexual desires and therefore think that when we get an STD, we are getting what we deserve. People understand that judgment is deadly when it comes to fighting STDs. Only by bringing the subject out into the open is there any hope of curbing the epidemic.

The next sexual revolution has begun—it is the battle for sexual health. We have a right to a sexual life that is as free from disease as it can possibly be. We know that the more sexual partners we have, the more risk we are taking—that is a fact.

We know that STDs will never disappear. However, society should take the business of making sex safe as seriously as it does fighting the flu. A concerted effort to reduce STDs would definitely succeed. Public health practices are tried-and-true—if we use them.

A combination of condom promotion and distribution, quality sex education, excellent routine screening systems, education for medical providers and other measures would be relatively easy and cheap, and would bring excellent results. The only question that remains is: can we control the small, radical minority that is against healthy sexuality? We can if the majority speak out and demand a change. It’s up to you. Visit our Join Us page to become part of the new Sexual Revolution.