Sex Tips

Get Tested

  • Get tested regularly! Knowing your status is the foundation for a happier healthier sex life.
  • Empower yourself! Know your safer sex limits to reduce your risk. Enjoy your sex without the guilt and panic.
  • Consent is key! If you’re not comfortable with your partner(s) not wanting to use a condom or not wanting to get tested, communicate that with them and end the situation before it goes further.


  • Communication doesn’t kill the mood, it enhances it! Communicating with your partner about your status and safer sex boundaries creates intimacy and alleviates tension – allowing for better orgasms and a stronger relationship. And ALWAYS discuss these topics before you make it to the bedroom and the clothes come off.
  • Talk to your friends about sex. It might be awkward at first, but creating a supportive network of friends who speak honestly and comfortably about safer sex empowers you to look out for each other’s health and sexual well-being.

Safer Sex

  • Don’t feel pressured to go all the way. One of the safest forms of pleasure experimentation is mutual masturbation. When in doubt, rub one out!
  • Take charge of your sexual health! While kissing him during foreplay, slide the condom on him before he slides into you. Mood stays hot, and you both stay safe!
  • Safer sex doesn’t have to be boring! Condoms and lubes come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and flavors! Experiment with the different types with your partner(s) to find out what works best for you.
  • Safer sex can be pleasurable sex! Use plenty of water-based or silicone-based lube to enhance pleasure with your condoms. Mood goes up while safety stays intact.
  • Pro safer sex tip: Pour a drop of water-based or silicone-based lube inside the tip of a condom before you slip it on. The lube will enhance pleasure around the most sensitive part of your penis while you’re sexin’ safely!
  • Never use oil-based lubes, Vaseline, or creams with your condoms – they’re not condom-safe! They can break down and compromise a condom which can increase your risk for contracting/transmitting HIV & STDs.
  • Sexually adventurous? Using condoms while having sex with anonymous/multiple/different partners allows you to maintain your sexual health while exploring your wild side! And don’t forget to get tested regularly if you’re having adventurous sex on the reg.
  • If you’re in an open relationship, set your safer sex boundaries with your primary partner early on. Get tested and check-in regularly to ensure a healthier sexual relationship. Make sure to always communicate those boundaries and limitations with your play partners too!
  • Swallow or spit, don’t let it sit! Letting ejaculate (aka semen/cum) sit in your mouth allows for any viruses or bacteria to seep into microtears or cuts in your gums which can increase your risk for contracting HIV & STDs.
  • Like eating out but want to do it safely? Use Saran Wrap and some lube for maximal pleasure! Pour lube on the side of the Saran Wrap which will be applied to the vulva or anus to increase pleasure for your partner, and go down as you please! Cravings are satisfied while both of you stay safe.
  • Enjoy yourself! While safer sex is important to maintaining your sexual health, sex should also be fun! If you practice the following tips on the reg, you and your partner(s) will be well on your way to many great experiences and many great orgasms.